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Fun for the outdoors or ready for emergencies, experience the #1 Bestseller from BioLite | Grill, boil, cook, and charge with this fully integrated system. The CampStove nests within the KettlePot and the Grill folds down to 3.5 inches, making this a compact way to meet all your outdoor and off-grid needs.

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  • The CampStove burns wood, twigs, pinecones, leaves ┬Łand converts the heat into electricity. With this fan-powered stove, you can cook your meals and charge your small USB devices like your phone or GPS, all with gathered wood. It is lightweight and packs down, making it perfect for camping packs or bug out bags.
  • The KettlePot, a lightweight stainless steel pot perfect for off-grid cooking or boiling water. The CampStove also fits inside the KettlePot, allowing you to fit your whole kitchen in an ultra-small footprint.
  • The PortableGrill fits directly on the stove and grill burgers, veggies, etc… with delicious wood-fired taste. Not only does it fold into a compact format, the lid also acts as a plate, cutting board, and seals the grill in case you don’t have the chance to clean the Grill.
  • The FlexLight is a 16″ pliable gooseneck USB light that, when plugged into the CampStove, allows you to see what you are cooking.


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