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We currently have 4 active courses and scenarios running, quite successfully. To guarantee your all inclusive spot please click here to visit our Pro Shop.

A Bridge Too Far

If you’re the lucky aggressor in this scenario your objective will be simple. Fight your way in, around or passed a defending team that knows your coming to take out their bridge. They will be dug in and tactical advantage will be theirs.  With only one medic on your team, it’s possible that you’ll spend as much time protecting him/her as you will be spending on the push towards the bridge. Oh, and don’t worry about the time because they have lots. All of it as a matter of fact. With time limits on our objective based scenarios – the burden’s on you to make the next move… and the next after that.

For those of you defending – dig in and get comfy. While you’re at it – brush up on your peripheral vision. It’s absolutely possible that the enemy will come at you from 180 degrees in front. Unless of course they sneak passed you within the boundaries and come at you from behind. Good leadership, role assignment and team play will keep that bridge intact.

Hamburger Hill

Someone thought it’d be funny to build a bunker atop a 50′ hill. The occupants have three times your ammo capacity and a well fortified bunker to hide in between headshots.
Yeah, have fun with that. Fortunately for you, attacking from 360 degrees around them and they not having a clue where you’re at… might come in handy, as you try to take that bunker out with a grenade.


We’ll get a description of the POW camp and Ho Chi Minh scenarios, in due time. They are both operational and proven quite fun for our Founding Members. Please visit OUR FORUMS for more info on pricing and bookings.

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